I'm Actually Going to Try to Write a Real Journal

Monday, November 4, 2019
I know I do posts tagged journal, but it's not a real journal. That's just a way for me to separate the things I want to share about my life from my culture thoughts, helpfully labeled thoughts. But I am actually going to physically write a journal.

I've tried really journaling before, but I never found a way to accurately express my thoughts and a way to have a conversation with myself, so I would abandon the journal after a few entries.

I also have an issue with making mistakes because I like to write in pen, and I want my journals to be neat and not have a lot crossed out, but when writing out your thoughts and you need to reword them sometimes. And I got gifted a lot of really nice, very cute journals, and I'm so scared of losing the aesthetic of the page if there's a whole bunch of scribbles in it.

So, I found a really old composition book. (It's Lisa Frank-themed, that's how young I was when I first got it.) I tore out the few used pages so I could start fresh, and since it's just a composition notebook, I don't mind if there's mistakes. I might rewrite them into a fancier notebook or type up each entry just for my very weird OCD about needing my penmanship to be neat.

I don't know what will come from this exercise, but I'm gonna actually try to put effort into it. And who knows, I may be able to do something creative with it. At the very least I hope this will be helpful to me on a personal level.
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