I've Been on Such a Disney Kick

Thursday, November 21, 2019
These last couple of weeks I've been on such a Disney kick. The seed was probably planted in my brain from my couple of trips to Disney World last month, but it really started with the launch of Disney+. All the movies I haven't seen in years because I only have them on VHS available at my fingertips? Yes please.

I watched 101 Dalmatians, Sleeping Beauty, A Goofy Movie, Beauty and the Beast. I finally watched Tangled because somehow I missed that when it was in theaters. Haven't watched much Pixar yet, because I don't know how emotionally wrecked I want to be at this time (looking at you, Inside Out). 

I'm kind of scared to watch some of the television from my childhood, because I don't know if it was kids' tv good, or actually good. Like, the new DuckTales is actually good, but I don't know about the original or Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers, and I'm scared to tarnish the memories. And one of my favorite childhood Disney shows, House of Mouse, isn't on there yet, but I found episodes on YouTube and they hold up, so that's good. 

What I have been doing the most is devouring all of the shorts. The classic Mickey Mouse shorts, the new Mickey Mouse cartoon short series, all the Pixar shorts, including the SparkShorts, that are the Disney+ originals. My favorite is Kitbull, which I am obsessed with. I've been starting to pace myself with those, because I think I'm running out of ones I haven't seen yet. I just can't wait until Get a Horse! is available, because I love that short so much. 

Also, Frozen 2!!! I'm so pumped for it, it feels like this will be a culmination of my recent outpouring of love for Disney, and it'll either temper it or dial it up to 11. I'm ready for both scenarios to be honest. I love Disney. 

Although, more than just The Simpsons has been affected by aspect ratio changes, so Disney should get on that because I noticed a difference when watching A Goofy Movie and Beauty and the Beast.Yes, my memories of how some of those scenes were supposed to look is really good. I don't care if there's black sidebars on my screen, I want to see the full frame of the movie. So fix that. 

(Wish they weren't becoming a monopoly, though. That sucks on many levels.)
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