Earworm: "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt

Friday, November 15, 2019
I honestly did not know Linda Ronstadt existed until this year. I mean, I do know. Female artists and their work aren't considered as serious as men, therefore aren't included in best of lists, and therefore isn't passed down and remembered for newer generations. So that means we have to find these artists on our own, either through scrolling through music platforms or watching documentaries about the time period that features them.

The reason I found out about Linda Ronstadt is because my mom was going through some of her old records for things I might like, and she pulled out one her Linda Ronstadt Greatest Hits albums. This song wasn't on the volume she had, but when I got the record I pulled up her Spotify profile to look up what her most popular songs were, which is how I found "You're No Good". And it has not left my rotation since.

It is the perfect kiss-off song. Just telling someone repeatedly that they suck must feel good, especially if they were awful to you in a relationship.

This song rocks, it grooves, it's a fun time.

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