I Believe in Jinxes

Monday, November 11, 2019
I honestly believe in jinxes.

When this first solidified for me was when I was working at an ice cream store. Whenever I would get myself dinner during a night shift, a line would come in and it wouldn't stop until closing and the food would be inedible, no matter how I stored it. Also, whenever someone would say out loud that it was a slow night, it would no longer be a slow night. I really got into the habit of having to jinx something, I would only do it if there were some way for me to knock on wood.

All of the other stuff is total nonsense. Horoscopes are bullshit, and so broad they can apply to anybody. I'm a twin, so we have the same star sign but we are very different people. I don't even understand what crystals are and how they work. Karma is just life and consequences, sometimes is happens, but not always immediately, and a lot of times it doesn't happen. Bad people continue to have good things happen to them, and good people continue to get bad breaks.

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