Classic Movies are Good and You Should Watch Them

Saturday, October 26, 2019
I follow some of film twitter, and this week the major discussion was about Shea Serrano's comments in his Esquire, because his book, Movies (And Other Things), focuses on movies from the 80s and (mainly) the 90s to the present. When he was asked if he didn't have any appeal to him because "they're not fun".

First off, this is not going to be a stay in your lane thing. But, Serrano's book is being treated like film criticism or a definitive book on film. He is not a film critic, and the book is not film criticism. It talks about movies from a pop culture angle, and for that, it's great. It has a feature about who would be in Regina George's circle and gives romantic comedies their own Academy Awards because they good movies aren't just fluff. A lot of the pop culture of today is defined by movies of the 80s and 90s with the nostalgia trend that has been going on with all of these reboots and remakes, so a book like this should have been promoted from that angle.

Also, there are good movies made before 1980. Jaws. Psycho. Singin' in the Rain. The Wizard of Oz. I could go on. (Sure, you may have to get used to how they talk, but it's not a hard adjustment to make.) I don't want these movies lost to time, they deserve to stay in the public consciousness.

If you want to watch classic movies
  • Turner Classic Movies is the best
  • Amazon Prime has a good selection 
  • there are a bunch of classics that are in the public domain, so they are free to watch
    • you can find a lot on youtube

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