Niall's "Nice To Meet Ya" vs. Harry's "Lights Up"

Monday, October 14, 2019
Out of all five members of One Direction, it's safe to say that the members who have had the best time making the jump to solo star are Niall Horan and Harry Styles. Niall's first album did not stray too much from something the group might make, but it was definitely more like a singer-songwriter than a lot of One Direction's pop/rock music. Harry went to classic rock as inspiration for his first album.

They both released the first single off of their second albums within a week of each other, which is very strange timing. Also, both of them are not standard pop songs. They are both structured differently, and don't have traditional verses and hooks. And it's kind of exciting that that experimentation of form is happening.

I have to say, I prefer "Nice To Meet Ya" over "Lights Up". There's just more variation, and it's rockier, which is a plus because I do like a lot of rock music. It also feels more confident, and you can see that in the music video. Niall is hot, and he knows it now.

With "Lights Up', I'm still processing. Harry never seemed like he would make a pop song like this before, because he has been so open about his love of classic rock. His first album was pretty much an ode to classic rock, and he performed with Stevie Nicks.

Niall wins this match up. I'm a Niall girl now.
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