My Car Died on the Highway. That Was Fun.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
I was driving I-4 home from picking up my cousin from Orlando. I had noticed the battery light was on but I had just gotten a new battery a couple of weeks ago so I thought it might have been just a glitch, because that happens sometimes. Then the stereo started cutting out, so I knew this was actually happening. I was only about forty-five minutes to an hour away from home so I thought I could at least make it off of the highway. Then all of these other lights started turning off, and all the features that made it a smooth ride started going. By the time the air conditioning started to go, I managed to find an exit with a rest stop. As soon as turned onto the exit, the car started dying, it’s getting bumpy dying. When I pulled into the parking lot it was official: Rest In Peace car battery.

Waiting for my parents and AAA to get there was long. It took my parents forever because my car decided to be extra difficult and die right before rush hour. It also took the tow truck forever because he was in rush hour, and then had to help one of his guys because there was a six car accident.

All in all it took two hours for everyone to get there and get the car hitched.
Once we finally got home, we ate pizza and played Tower of Terror themed Clue. I won the second game, so it ended on a high note.

(The tow truck was also Hulk themed, and it was cool. Didn’t know where to fit that into the story, but I thought you should know that fun tidbit.)
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