The Curator

Friday, October 4, 2019
Making playlists is kind of my thing. When I have a longer than normal car ride, I make a new playlist. If I'm bored of the songs that I currently have in rotation, I make a new playlist. If I'm in the midst of insomnia, I make a new playlist. It's just a great activity to do, and a puzzle to solve if I'm going for a certain vibe.

I like making lists of things apparently. I do it with music, movies, television shows, books, musicals. The only ones I actually share are playlists because you can do that without looking pretentious. But it shouldn't be. It's interesting to see what people like (or don't like). You can get some really good recommendations if you see a person whose opinion you trust like a thing that is not typically in your taste. Just don't be assholes about someone liking something you hate, because that's not cool.

Normally these are spur of the moment thought experiments that I put effort into for about five minutes, and then move on. Now, I think may actually pay attention to them, kind of like taking inventory of my tastes at that moment in time.

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