I've Never Really Read More Than One Book by One Author

Monday, October 21, 2019
I just read two books by the same author within a week. I read Taylor Jenkins Reid's The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and Daisy Jones & the Six. I don't usually read multiple books by the same author. Unless it's a series, but then I don't usually read books from that author outside of the series, either. It's not like a "oh I've read one book by that author, I don't need to read anymore", that was just a something that started happening when I was looking for something new to read. I would look for something by a new author. It wasn't something I was against, it just never registered to check for other books from those authors.

That is not the case for my parents, who are always looking for the newest book by their favorite authors. The amount of Nora Roberts and Heather Graham books my mom has on our bookshelves is ridiculous. Same with my dad and Tom Clancy, even still now that someone else is writing under that name.

This is also comes on the heels of me getting back into reading for pleasure. It was a long time since I had read consistently for years. I would pick up a book once in a while, but once I finished I wouldn't pick up another. Most of that big gap likely stemmed from reading a lot of books I would have stopped reading for myself had it not been assigned in high school. Honestly, why is The Scarlet Letter still being taught. That was a painful read, and I don't remember a single person in my class who actually enjoyed it. it's the worst. I digress.

I've never had this attraction to a singular voice before. They are both interesting examples of historical fiction, which is something I tends to gravitate towards, and are about eras of culture that I am extremely fascinated by. Evelyn Hugo traces the end of Hollywood's studio system and Daisy Jones is about 70s rock, one of my favorite periods of music. So, I was pretty much primed to like them if they were good.

Primarily, both books are about relationships. Different kinds of relationships, and how those relationships come together, fall apart, and maybe come together again. And it may not happen in the way you expect based on the premise of the books, which would sound like a curveball if you were told the twist and didn't read the book.

Since these were her two latest releases, maybe I'll end up reading some of her older novels. At the very least I'm going to check in to see what she's working on next. And that happens to be a tv adaptation of Evelyn Hugo that is in development for Freeform. And she's a producer on the upcoming adaptation of Daisy Jones at Amazon Prime, produced by Reese Witherspoon.
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