Why is Female Artistry Still Not as Respected as Dudes?

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Rolling Stone's 2010 ranking of the 100 greatest singers made the rounds on twitter yesterday, somehow, and the biggest piece of outrage about the list was Bob Dylan outranking Freddie Mercury and a whole bunch of other singers. Obviously that's wild.

But to me, what was more wild was that there were only two women in the top 20, and however many women on the list were primarily in the bottom half. Stevie Nicks was 98. Carole King and Linda Ronstadt, and others that will probably come to me in the middle of the night, weren't included were nowhere to be found.

So why? I get why at the time they were discarded or written off, but why still in the 21st century? 

It seems that every time some publication makes a new ranking like this, it's the same artists, or songs, or albums, but just in a slightly different order. When doing these lists, it should be a new evaluation each time. We should also be highlighting artists that were not given their proper due when they were making their art. (And that goes for all fields, not just music.)

I love reading lists like this, but I'm tired of seeing the same people on them, and sick of artists I love, who I found on my own or by recommendation from my dad, that have made some of the best music ever, and are still not cracking these seemingly set-in-stone best of lists. 

So I guess it's on everybody else to make sure these incredible artists are still talked about and make sure we pass on their music. I don't want these badass women to be a footnote in history.
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